April 24, 1951, a cottage prayer meeting met at the home of Willie and Hazel Spradlin.

July 17, 1952 Reverend Leonard Campbell came and united the group into a fellowship with the purpose of establishing a church in Arlington, Virginia.

November 11, 1952 Formal church established - Reverend Leonard Campbell, Pastor and the Church named Grace Assembly of God.

November 20, 1953. Church was officially recognized by the General Council of The Assemblies of God, in Springfield, Missouri 

November 21, 1954 Land located on Pershing Drive purchased 

October 2, 1955 Ground was broken for a new building

June 24, 1956 Reverend Claude R. Qualls was elected and services began in new building pictured to the left .


Built upon a foundation of diversity and a common belief, our congregation is flourishing, and not simply in numbers but with character, camaraderie, and a central community. The good we do outside the walls of worship is just as worthy and valuable as the time spent within.
That is what truly binds our community and strengthens our faith.

Simply stated, we are working and walking the path paved with values instilled in us by the teachings of Jesus. We encourage you to come with us, especially if you are seeking answers to your questions of faith and spirituality.

1963 began a increase of those attending the church. The need for a larger sanctuary became obvious.  As part of the new construction, a 65 foot tower and cross were construction and placed in front of the building.  

May 13, 1966  Dedication of the new sanctuary was held and the name was changed from Grace Assembly of God to Arlington Assembly of God.

January 1, 1980 Pastor Richard Neubauer and his wife Joy were elected to lead the congregation. Pastor Neubauer felt led to focus on world missions.  The church's dedication to reaching the local community gives love to others around the world.

September 1981 - Pastor Lynn Carter began her dedication to the children of our church on a trial basis.  Over thirty years later, she is still in her "trial period" serving Jesus and our church through local and international ministries.

October 1, 1972 Pastor Roswell Flower and his family came to serve as Minister of Music.  He led the sanctuary choir, children's and youth choirs until his retirement in 2008.

September 2016 - Renovation and Rejuvenation of buildings and parking areas begins!