Arlington Assembly of God Leadership

The staff and leadership here at AAOG is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at

  • Pastor Lynn Carter

    Senior Pastor

    Pastor Lynn grew up in a Christian family with her amazing siblings and their strong parents focused on the word of Jesus Christ.  Her father's job with the military brought her here initially and we are so glad she stayed.  She attended Seminary at Valley Forge University and was ordained as an Assembly of God Pastor a few years later.  The best story told about her history at our church is because Pastor Neubauer hired her on a "trial basis" and 40+ years later, she is still here serving Jesus with grace and dignity expected of a woman of God.  Some of her hobbies are walking, garage sales, and shabby chic anything,

  • Pastor Tima Sirodan

    Associate Pastor

    Pastor Tima comes to us all the way from Ukraine.  As you will see in the missions pages, our church has strong ties to the country of Ukraine.  He obtained his degree from Summit University in New York.  His musical and management skills have been a true blessing to us.  Some of Pastor Tima's hobbies is playing ping pong, hiking, playing the piano.

  • Pastor Chuka Batbold

    Youth Pastor

    When we met Pastor Chuka, he was visiting his friend Pastor Tima.  It turned out he had skills for love and kindness that we needed in our staff.  He spent many days and nights helping our former pastor as an assistant.  Now he helps Pastor Lynn manage our facilities and lead our Youth of today into adulthood filled with love for Jesus Christ.  His favorite hobby is running.

  • Fran

    Frances Hatcher

    Program Manager & Church Secretary

    Fran is the Program Manager for our Homeless & Low Income outreach program named for Pastor Neubauer's mother, Corrine's Kitchen.  She also assists all the pastoral staff with various secretarial work.  With one degree from East Carolina University, she is working on a second one in Children's Behavioral Health and on to Seminary.  Her biggest hobby is relaxing at home!

  • Joshua Martin


    Joshua grew up in our church.  His Nana and Mom, Lottie Reikohoff and Linda Martin, adopted him into their family at a young age.  His unique asset is his deafness.  He never lets it slow him down or gets discouraged.  Better yet, he serves with his heart first.  Everything he does is for the Lord!